Monday, October 14, 2013

36 days until we leave for Costa Rica

A short update on our Costa Rica 2013.  Our travel plans are made, here's a few details.

1)  We're flying United, extra bags are $40!  This is good news since we have some pre-K supplies and an office machine to transport to the school.

2)  We are staying at Apartotel Obelisco, a wonderful place in Costa Rica, that our family loves.  I can already taste the gallo pinto each morning for breakfast.

3)  We even have a car with a GPS and a cell phone this time!  For those of you familiar with Costa Rica, since the roads have no names, it's always an adventure getting anywhere.  I can say I will miss directions like "drive down the big four lane road past the Burger King and turn left where you see a stand that sells yellow piggie banks.  Follow the road up the hill by the big Jesus statue."

4)  We will be assisting the school with interviews and other activities to help improve curriculum.  Additionally, we will be working in the after-school program for the little ones.

5)  We will be helping to arrange and take field trips with other LPDV families.

6)  Our missionary friends have moved into our home in Cottage Grove and are enjoying their time there.  Please pray for them as this will be a busy year of furlough activities.

7)  We will be seeking the will of the Lord each day of our adventure, asking the Holy Spirit to use us in a mighty way to bless these folks who have dedicated their lives to furthering Christ in Costa Rica.

Have a great week!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ten things you might not know about beautiful Costa Rica

1.  Costa Rica's constitution states "human life is inviolable."  The Costa Rican Civil Code interprets this and enforces the meaning as "to 300 days before birth."

2.  Costa Rica eliminated all military forces in 1948.

3.  In one of Costa Rica's only significant military victories, the Costa Rican army defeated William Walker's men, who had taken control of Nicaragua in the 1850's.  William Walker was a Tennessean who had the misguided notion that he could self-direct military expansionism into Central America.  Juan Santamaria, the general whose forces defeated Walker's, is a Costa Rican national hero today.

4.  Today, there are six active volcanoes in Costa Rica.  Poas, Arenal, Tenorio, Turrialba, Irazu, Rincon de la Vieja.

5. The national food of Costa Rica is "gallo pinto," a delicious rice and black bean dish served at every meal, but best for breakfast.

6.  Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica, Costa Rica's national soccer stadium in San Jose, was financed and completely constructed by the Chinese government.

7.   Although Costa Rica guarantees freedom of religion, and one can see churches of many different types, Roman Catholicism is the state religion.  It is written into the Costa Rican Constitution as follows, "The Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Religion is the official religion of the Republic."

8.  Auto insurance in Costa Rica is a government monopoly.  Rental car companies in Costa Rica make the collision damage waiver mandatory.

9.  Many Americans settled in Costa Rica 10 to 20 years ago as cheap real estate was plentiful and health care was cheap.  This is no longer the case.  Belize is the new Costa Rica.

10.  Jesus Christ is alive and well and known in the country thanks to dedicated missionaries like our friends Matt and Lisa Befus.  Look them up on Latin American Missions (

11.  And one for the road.  A popular breakfast beverage in Costa Rica for children is "jugo de naranja y zanahoria (carrot and orange juice).  Cheers!

Have a great weekend!  Bill